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One of the great joys of working for the Festival is the opportunity to meet so many interesting people and truly compelling artists., Really easy just go to class theres only like 8 classes.

Description: Most people want to avoid anything that reminds them of the trauma they experienced, but such avoidance reinforces their fear and traps them in a life that is inconsistent with their values. Prolonged Exposure PE is a specific type of cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches individuals how to approach trauma-related memories, feelings, and situations. By facing what has been avoided, a person can decrease symptoms of PTSD by actively learning that the trauma-related memories and cues are not dangerous and do not need to be avoided. Numerous well-controlled studies have shown that PE significantly reduces the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD , depression, anger, and anxiety in survivors of varied and complex trauma. In this workshop, Tiffany Hopkins provides background on the theory and rationale of PE and teaches specific, step-by-step procedures to help clients to control their trauma. This includes teaching how to collaborate with clients using both imaginal exposure and in vivo exposure, and how to fashion and respond to experience and help clients with emotions that arise. Hopkins will convey this with a mix of didactic material, case discussion, and participant role plays.

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