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Women's genitals are as diverse as our faces, as you can see in the Labia Library photo gallery. We are accustomed to some faces being accepted as "beautiful", and know that the standard varies across time and culture. We may be less familiar with the idea that similar judgements are made about the vulva.
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Lopsided Vagina: Are My Labia Normal?

Labia stretching , also referred to as labia elongation or labia pulling , is the act of lengthening the labia minora the inner lips of the female genitals through manual manipulation pulling or physical equipment such as weights. - Just like every other part of our bodies, no two labia are the same.

Too much sex changes its shape… and five other myths about the vagina busted

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Everything You Could Possibly Need to Know About Your Labia

Look at your vulva seriously, do it and the first, most obvious thing you'll see are you labia. Like everything else on your lil bod, they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and almost all of them are totally normal and healthy. But, for some reason unfair scrutiny on female bodies, unrealistic expectations of what your own anatomy should look like , the labia get a lot of undue scrutiny. What you need to know is that, unless yours are burning, itching, or have bumps on them, they're healthy and good.

Girls are born with two sets of labia. During puberty, hair grows on the labia majora. Labia minora are usually pink and they do not grow hair. Labia change and continue to grow during the teenage years, so the appearance is usually different for a girl who is 11 or 12 versus the appearance when she is 16 or 17, for example. Adult women also often look different from teens, and that is also normal. Labia can further change in appearance after someone has been pregnant and had a baby. Both the labia majora and the labia minora can vary in size, color, shape and the way they look compared to other females.

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  1. Labia come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and all of them are Use this time to explore your unique anatomy and learn more about your body. They're usually on the larger side, often leaving the skin thin and loose.

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