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The male Argentine Lake Duck and his North American scientists have discovered the longest bird penis ever - a Dr Kevin McCracken of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks , and colleagues, report in this week's Nature that they have found a specimen of the Argentine lake duck Oxyura vittata that has a penis as long as its body - nearly half a metre long.
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Roberto Esquivel Cabrera , from Saltillo, Mexico, has a - You are now viewing Redtube in English.

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That got your attention, right? Like a starving bum drawn to the scent of bread when someone opens the door to a Subway, sex gets us to focus like nothing else.

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Recently, hearts the internet over shattered at the news that a scientific study of dick pics would be called off. The reported reason for the study's cancellation: That overzealous penis-havers had avalanched author Alicia Walker with nudes, obligating herself to halt the project as she dug herself out. What actually happened: Flawed coverage seeded chaos into a research effort architected over the course of six years, making it impossible to complete as planned. The same week Walker, an assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at Missouri State University, announced that she was shutting down the study, the term " Big Dick Energy " BDE enjoyed a viral moment. Ironic timing, really: While Walker's study was widely billed as an open call for dick pics, a lens through which to probe the link between penis size and self-esteem, she actually set out to explore whether or not well-endowed men derive confidence from the size of their packages. Walker was testing for BDE, but tangled up in the idea of sending nudes for science, we all tanked the whole thing. This very personal trivia point failed to surprise many observers who, having clocked Davidson's unflaggingly self-assured vibe, assumed the obvious explanation: BDE, or, the "quiet confidence and ease with oneself that comes from knowing you have an enormous penis and you know what to do with it," per the Cut.

A MAN once believed to have the world's largest penis has labelled the new self-proclaimed record-holder "disgusting" and "desperate".

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