Black swan hot scene

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black swan hot scene
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Extended Sex Scene: Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis in /Black Swan/

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Hottest lesbian scene on the planet: Black Swan crowned raunchiest movie sexfest

They made it look easy on the big screen, but stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis had a hard time filming their buzzed about sex scene in 'Black Swan. - All the sexy stuff is in here, so be advised.

I Dont Own Anything Directed by Darren Aronofsky Produced by Mike Medavoy Arnold W. Messer Brian Oliver Scott Franklin Screenplay by.
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Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis Talk 'Black Swan' Sex Scene (VIDEO)

YOU filthy animals have chosen this wild sex scene as the steamiest in all of Hollywood. The results of a sex based movie study are really quite interesting, and the people of Britain have chosen a surprising favourite. The hot lesbian fantasy scene sees Natalie Portman grab Mila by the back of her head as they start tonguing before Kunis throws Portman onto the bed, she then whips off her underwear and starts performing oral sex on the star. A majority of the respondents said that their chosen scene which left them feeling hot under the collar had been so memorable because of the, er, "passion" between the two actors.

The 'standout issue' for most of the cinemagoers who complained, was a lesbian sex scene between Natalie Portman and co-star Mila Kunis.

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