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Lebanese Nationality Law: Learn More

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Egypt sentences Lebanese woman to 8 years in prison after she called out sexual harassment

Lebanese women are famous for their good looks., Previous research in socialization indicates that sex role definitions in a certain society are internalized and learned by its members through different means among which are books.

An Egyptian court has handed down an eight-year prison sentence for a Lebanese woman who called out sexual harassment in Egypt and harshly criticized the country in a social media post. Mona el-Mazbouh, 24, was arrested at Cairo International Airport when she tried to leave Egypt in June after she posted a minute video to Facebook.
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Lebanese nationality laws discriminate against women, preventing them from passing on their nationality to their children and spouses on an equal basis with men. Among the families torn apart by this law is Hiam, who is unable to transfer her Lebanese nationality on to her three daughters and Egyptian-born husband. Further, if her daughters marry non-Lebanese citizens, they will have to leave the country putting even more strain on the family.

Lebanese women are considered to have more rights and freedom compared to women elsewhere in the Arab World. Women in Lebanon are able to dress more liberally and move around with relative ease in certain parts of the country, unlike other countries in the region.

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  1. The study is first of its kind in Lebanon; it provides insights into Lebanese women's sexuality as socially scripted. . Women in the study perceived sexual life as.

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