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To make children aware of the sensitive subject, a new comic book explains various issues, including body changes, touch abuse and aims at empowering young children with knowledge about their rights. - Our International Child Sexual Exploitation ICSE image and video database is an intelligence and investigative tool, which allows specialized investigators to share data on cases of child sexual abuse.

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Dealing with child sex abuse

Secret internal documents reveal how Catholic Church officials protect priests accused of pedophilia and sexual abuse by moving them from country to country, .
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Menu Close menu. It can be difficult to know whether a child is being abused, as the abuser is likely to be secretive about their actions.

Branded content is written by or on behalf of our sponsor and not by Global News' editorial staff. If you'd like to learn more A Houston woman alleges a priest seduced her when she came to him for spiritual counselling at a low point in her life, and that his boss dismissed it. Pope Francis warned a group of Catholic leaders that the faithful are demanding concrete action on fighting sexual abuse, not just words. Former major league pitcher John Wetteland has been charged in Texas with continuous sex abuse of a child under age

Thousands of people are becoming victims in the UK every year, investigators say. Vladimir Bukovsky became a hero in Soviet Russia for his defiance of the Communist regime. When he was charged with downloading indecent images of children in Britain, he claimed he had been framed by Russian hackers. Now his trial has been indefinitely postponed because of his failing health.

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